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Explore Sharktooth Hill in Bakersfield, CA as it appears on Google Maps as well as pictures, stories and other notable nearby locations on The Sharktooth Hill Bone Bed and Buena Vista Museum of Natural History are treasures of the San Joaquin Valley. Shall we? Sharktooth Hill is a middle Miocene marine exposure of the Round Mountain Silt unit of the Temblor Formation. Shark Tooth Hill Fossil Collecting Ernst Quarries near Bakersfield, CA. Paleo-tourists and fossil hunters come to the Shark Tooth Hill Bone Bed like pilgrims to a … OPEN: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10:00 AM- 5:00 PM -Tim Elam . Sharktooth Hill, California (The following information is from Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near the city of Bakersfield is Sharktooth Hill. when you get to the top platform, jump on top of the temple. The Ernst Quarries / Shark Tooth Hill Round Mountain Road Bakersfield, CA 93308. JoEllen Perkins sifts through soil near Shark Tooth Hill on Thursday. Sharktooth Hill (Google Maps). 661-319-7800. 35°26.779′ N 118°53.924′ W. The coordinates above are for the staging area but do not rely upon them. Nearly all exposures of the formation are on private land. Using magnetic stratigraphy data, the age of this unit is estimated to be around 15.2 and 16 million years old (Prothero et al., 2008). The narrower-shaped shark tooth is the true Isurus hastalis (or, Cosmopolitodus hastalis "depending on one’s interpretation of lamnid evolution"); it's typically found in "early to early late Miocene deposits." Explore Sharktooth Hill in Bakersfield, CA as it appears on Google Maps and Bing Maps as well as pictures, stories and other notable nearby locations on Reservations are required to access the quarries. The Sharktooth Hill Bone Bed Bed lies in the middle Miocene Round Mountain Silt of the Temblor Group, 15.9 to 15.2 million years old. More than 30 years after the single run, beginner’s hill with the 150-foot vertical drop closed at its location west of the city, the love for the local landmark continues to burn bright. However, the Ernst Family owns a large portion of property near Sharktooth Hill. What makes Sharktooth Hill so special? Phone: 661-324-6350. The Ernst family offers access to several quarries on their land. DESMOSTYLUS tooth. There is a Facebook page dedicated to Sharktooth, Sharktooth Ski Area. Once in a while I need a change of scenery. This abundantly rich 15-16 million year old layer contains the fossils from over 140 different species of marine life , such as whales, dolphins, sharks, rays, turtles, sea lions & fishes. Directions at their website, no street address for the gathering point. Shark Tooth Hill Miocene Shark Tooth Hill is an area just north east of Bakersfield. Interesting story---I used to live within a couple hours of there was a point when I was in school during the week, of courseI had weekends off, so I would drive up to STH and dig there every weekend, for many months in a row. Both full day and half day excursions are offered. They were not provided by the operator of the quarries. ... to get the shark tooth code, climb the coconut tree outside the temple. Not that my current fossil hunting digs aren’t excellent, it’s more that my inner explorer craves the adventure of a new site. 7. sharktooth hill is in bakesfeild california. It contains the 6-20" wide spread horizon known as the Sharktooth Hill bonebed. The full day cost was $70 per person. Website: Location: 2018 Chester Ave. Bakersfield, Ca, 93301. The actual Sharktooth Hill is a National Natural Landmark. OTHER INFORMATION. Maybe we should talk over some finds at the STH locale.

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