repertory of hering's guiding symptoms of our materia medica

Inguinal Region (p. 1122). Teeth (p. 321). Menses (p. 648). Epigastrium SYSTEMIC REPERTORISATION: According to the textbooks, Knerr repertory cannot be used for systemic repertorization. One of the great classic Repertories. Puerperal (p. Even children as a sub rubric are represented well. 3) Concomitants in urine, stool, menses, and headache are well represented in this repertory. 4) In Stages of Life and Constitution chapter, especially size, occupation, constitution, diathesis, and temperament is well represented and not found like this in any other repertories. 5) In urine specific gravity is given. 6) Pulse rate is given with remedies. 7) Temperature is also given in Fahrenhiet with remedies. the guiding symptoms of IN CHAPTERS: ATTACKS, PERIODICITY and SENSATIONS IN GENERAL chapters have only one main rubric. MIND AND DISPOSITION chapter has many rubrics (553 rubrics). (p. 849). ABIES NIGRA. Preface * Abbreviations. J K As per HGS the intensity of Knerr repertory should be given but here it is given in contradicting way. Pupils (p. 217). E.g. Yawning (p. 1069). Forehead CONCLUSION: “We have only given the precious stones their settings. He also gives the limitation of the repertory regarding to the Guiding Symptoms. He acknowledges Dr. Joseph C. Guernsey, for valuable assistance with the proofs; to Dr. W. H. Philips, Messrs. Douty, Ziegler and Field, his son Bayard and others of his family, for clerical assistance; and last to his brother in law, Walter E. Hering. 49 INDEX 1219 – 1232 14 * Ends in page 744 but it is wrongly numbered. Vomiting (p. hearing (p. 244). Also the intensity of Graph is changed. HGS: Ferr phos, under Fever given as Fever with cough. Cross-reference is given in main heading itself. And Phos.). Skip to content. Before Stool (p. Uvula (p. 391). Chapter 35 : REST, Head (p. 109). by. (p. 600). Chapter 43 : SENSATIONS One of the best reference books written by Dr Constantine Hering with his vast experience and practical knowledge in the field. Illusions of 631). Sexual Power (p. 363). Lactation (p. Chapter 27 : COUGH ... Home Gyan Books A Repertory Of Hering'S Guiding Symptoms Of Our Materia… A Repertory Of Hering'S Guiding Symptoms Of Our Materia Medica 1897. AND WEATHER. In repertory, rubrics related to Temperament and Diathesis are found throughout the sections related with generals. Rearranged augmented edition Hearings Guiding Symptoms of Materia Medica m. 0,001-0,006 and ozonized water. Drowsiness (p. E.g. (p. 1065). 724). 143). Bloodvessels (p. 483). 213). Drinking (p. 781). (p. 1189). Thighs (p. 976). There Hering and his students treated over 50,000 patients a year and trained a total of 3500 homeopaths. Secretions (p. of E.g. Temperature Chapter 47 : STAGES This work is a collection of cured symptoms and hence it is a complement to all other works in our materia medica. c; as if sinking deep down, II Bry. 1) Not all mental symptoms given in mind chapter are given in physical chapters or vice versa. 2) It is better to go through the rubrics both in the mind chapter and relevant physical chapter lest we miss the rubric. 3) Even though in physical chapters, the mental concomitants are given as, mental condition, (i.e., Fever, mental condition) many places, the mental concomitants are given in different diagnoses. After Cough (p. Trachea (p. 713).  Then era of regional repertories and repertories of various diseases arrived. CONSTANTINE HERING, M. D. to be taken for days and weeks with little relief. * Q * R CHEST AND LUNGS. Repertory Outer Chest (p. * A * B AND EXPECTORATION. Examine the rubric Forgetful of what she is going to do: in post-partum hemorrhage, I Cann-s.; II Carb ac. D E Cornea (p. 177). 770). Gangrene (p. 1134). (p. 976). hering , m . Cholera Infantum  This is a concordance repertory with puritan group of repertory with authenticated rubrics in it. (p. 201). Under Female Sexual Organs, I Diarrhoea frequently before and during menses. Knerr: page 542, Stool and Rectum, Diarhoea, menses, before, Bov; before and during, Bov; during, Bov Page 657, Female Sexual Organs, Before menses, diarrhoea, I Bov, page 660, Female Sexual Organs, During menses, diarrhoea, I Bov HGS: Graphites, under Female Sexual Organs, I During menses, catarrhal fever, under Fever no symptom related to menses is given. Knerr: page 661, Female Sexual Organs, During menses, fever, Acon, Bell, Gels, Graph, Helon, Kali bi, Natr.m, Phos, Rhod, Sep, Sul. (p. 1045). (p. 823). (p. 547). 766). Apparently the clue had come from Knerr repertory. Evening (p. 1071). Les mer. Sternum (p. 816). Under Cough, I Cough; slight fever. Knerr: page 1092, Fever, Fever, with cough, I and in page 752, Cough and Expectoration, Cough, in fever, Ferr. Cross reference given even in sub sub rubrics also.  Page no: 616, erections penis. Classifications Knerr compiled this repertory from Hering’s 10 volumes. Hunger (p. 398). THIRST, DESIRES, AVERSIONS. Erection (See Organs. Direction Warmth (p. 1074). Hering did not complete the work himself - he died while proof-reading Cainca, in volume three - and some inaccuracies have been remarked on by Kent himself. Placenta (p. 696).  In 1874 he married Melitta Hering, one of Hering’s daughters, and resumed his duties as Hering’s assistant. PULSE AND CIRCULATION. Pulse (p. 841). GRADATION OF MEDICINES:  There are four marks of distinction, each having the same significance as set down in Guiding Symptoms. Mouth Swallowing (p. Hering did not complete the work himself – he died while proof-reading Cainca, in volume three – and some inaccuracies have been remarked on … IN GENERAL. INDEX: The repertory is supplemented by a complete index of localities, pathological and clinical and thus makes it very easy to operate. Bladder This magnimous repertory is a compilation from Hering's Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica and belongs to the class of concordance repertory. Heart (p. 824). Boenninghausen gave us the genesis of Homoeopathic Repertory and Hering gave us the 'matured' Materia Medica. Quarterly Homoeopathic Journal, Vol.I, Jan, Feb, March 1993, No.1 PARINAZHUMRANWALA, Repertory A Critical Study, National Journal Of Homoeopathy, Nov-Dec’97. III. Uterus (p. 672). * S * T All modalities are placed to the related function.Symptoms are arranged according to the organ or part of the body in which they appear, not where they originate; for instance motions or positions of the head are placed to the outer head, not to the neck, the muscles of which cause the position or motion.According to the principles and rules laid down in the foregoing the symptoms, their groups and the names of diseases, have been arranged and divided in forty-eight chapters. 1136). In a repertory we have separation by analysis for the purpose of classification and ready reference; in Materia Medica, combination by synthesis to enable us to study drug effects in their grand utility and relationship”. 1) The biggest stumbling block to its use is the overly complex and graphically layout. Sycosis (p. 632). BY The Pinus nigra or black spruce of this country. Ankles Inner symptoms and functions first. Sight (p. 220). THE GUIDING SYMPTOMS OF OUR MATERIA MEDICA BY CONSTANTINE HERING, M. D. Presented ... Introduction * Preface * The arrangement * Note. They are: Chenopodi glauci aphis Aphis chenopodiiEugenia Jambos JambosGummi gutti GambogiaNitrum Kali nitrumPhysostigma CalabarViola tricolor JaceaHydrophobinum LyssinCreosotum Kreosotum(but Kreosotum not given)Kreosotum given as cross-reference but not given in this chapter. (1940) 4)Sunstroke and Its Homeopathic Treatment. This helps in easy selection of remedy in a narrow field. E.g. Page no: 280, Upper Face, Face, cancer, lupus, began on right earlobe, healing one side, corroding the other, advancing downward and leaving irregular cicatrix (after Bell. are given. Davis Co. for the Estate of Constantine Hering, 1896 (OCoLC)809468992: Document Type: Book: All Authors / Contributors: Calvin B Knerr; Constantine Hering; National Center for Homoeopathy (U.S.),; American Foundation for Homoeopathy, WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. Liver (p. 476). But this separation and generalization spoil the use of ‘uncontaminated’ exact words of the prover. Chapter 45 : TOUCH, 1038). * K * L Colic (p. 512). (1878 –79) 5) Repertory of Headache. Such kind of arrangement we see in Knerr’s repertory. 2)Each page is divided into double column as it is more convenient to eye and to economize the space. 3)Each chapter is alphabetically divided into sections and rubrics sufficient to allow full scope for analysis for the matter contained therein without destroying consistency as a whole. REPERTORY OF HERING'S GUIDING SYMPTOMS OF OUR MATERIA MEDICA by KNERR CB and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Davis co., for the estate of C. Hering edition, in English (complementary of Hep. (p. 421). Habit (p. 1192).  21) Another major feature of Knerr repertory is giving what happens during a condition, what happens before it, what happens after it, everything in a single chapter. Before that, the works on Materia Medica were rather collections of innumerable symptoms from proving and poisonings and not applied Materia Medica. Genitals (p. (p. 170). Cholera Asiatica 369). Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Paperback – Aug. 31 2012 by Constantine Hering (Author) › Visit Amazon's Constantine Hering page. (p. 890). 1134). Concomitants, diagnosis, common, pathology, keynote, fever totality, occupation, side affinity, time modalities, characteristic particulars, causation, physical generals, constitution, mental generals, complete symptom and also for drug relationship. Tendons (p. 1142). Y Z. 1029). Bradford). Plague (p. 1138). Sexual V, Journal Knerr’s Repertory In Practice, Homoeopathy In Practice. (p. 1184). Hering began organizing his voluminous notes into his still popular classic The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica the year before he died, in 1879, and it was completed by his students and published posthumously in 1891. Headache (p. Perineum (p. 525). 1138) Read more here. (p. 159). Awaking Chapter 34 : LIMBS Sensations (See Excess (p. 671). ... Home Gyan Books A Repertory Of Hering'S Guiding Symptoms Of Our Materia… A Repertory Of Hering'S Guiding Symptoms Of Our Materia Medica 1897. ; the anatomical; organ wise or regional division. 1) There are 48 chapters, all arranged organ wise like Hahnemannian system till chapter – 34 and a rest chapter represents reaction of whole body.  Wrong entries of cal p: Cal p “after menses, sexual excitement, insatiable desire; Cal p”. (p. 1135). LACTATION.b) HEART, PULSE AND CIRCULATION.c) LIMBS IN GENERAL.d) NERVES.e) TIME.f) ATTACKS, PERIODICITYg) LOCALITY AND DIRECTION.h) TOUCH. 324). (p. 1129).  ii. During Cough (p. Glands (p. 1134). Pregnancy (p. a repertory of hering s guiding symptoms of our materia medica. (p. 247). (p. 862). 537). ph. Not used in book, it is given in parenthesis. E.g. Dizziness (p. 83). Urination (p. ac. 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