large escallonia plants

Leaves alternate, rarely whorled or subopposite, very short or no petiole, usually toothed, each tooth tipped with a gland. An Escallonia Hedge is particularly suited to the coastal garden as they will tolerate salt winds. As the name suggest it produces bright pink bell shaped flowers that stand out dramatically on the leaves which are a dark green. Preferablyagainst a wall in cooler northerndistricts. It is best to plant when it is not in bloom, in very early spring or in late fall, but the plant has a long blooming season so it can be hard to find that time. A. Escallonia can be planted in the spring or fall, anytime the weather is not excessively hot. All content © Copyright 2005-2020 Hedges Direct Ltd. Limited and protected under UK and international law. They are mature plants that provide dense coverage very early on, ideal for when you need a thick hedge quickly. Escallonia is a popular choice to have in the garden as it’s an evergreen hedge plant, as well as a stunning flowering hedging plant… Enjoy nearly year-round rosy red flower clusters on this upright, compact evergreen shrub. Escallonia White also benefits from evergreen foliage, as well as wildlife interest. The dark pink-red flowers look magnificent in any garden and can brighten the area up, plus they add a beautiful contrast with the small, shiny leaves. Genus Escallonia are evergreen shrubs with glossy, leathery, toothed leaves, sometimes sticky, and 5-petalled white, pink or red flowers in terminal racemes or panicles in summer and early autumn. Best in a sunny, sheltered spot. As an evergreen hedge, you’ll have a dense hedge all-year-round. As a general rule the space between plants is usually half that of the required finished height. Escallonia plants grow in sandy, loamy and clay soils, but do not tolerate alkaline soil. Was this answer useful? Escallonia are mostly evergreen shrubs and native to South America. During late spring, lightly cut back any shoots that spoil the symmetry of the plant. There is always a degree of variance from plant to plant and species to species but the growth rate of most Escallonia hedges is on average between 25-45cm a year and best suits a height between 1-3m. Pers. 'Donard Seedling' is one of the hardiest of Escallonia to grow which makes it suitable for colder inland gardens, but still plant away from cold winds. Small rose-red flowers in summer and fall. These eye-catching plants display fantastic, bright flowers and the evergreen foliage provides year-round interest, keeping your garden colourful even once the flowers have faded. Argentina, Nahuel Haupi National Park. Genus Escallonia are evergreen shrubs with glossy, leathery, toothed leaves, sometimes sticky, and 5-petalled white, pink or red flowers in terminal racemes or panicles in summer and early autumn Details [Pink Elle] is a bushy evergreen shrub with large heads of mid-pink flowers from summer and again, less prolifically, in … These soft-bodied insects attach themselves to the leaves or bark and consume the plant's fluids. Escallonia is normally very pest and disease resistant but can be attacked by wax scale. Climate— A cold-hardy shrub, thus a cool … The escallonia's planting site should account for the plant's mature height and breadth. Clusters of small (to 1 inches.) Escallonia 'Terri' Dwarf Escallonia. Escallonia is a vigorous evergreen hedging plant with glossy dark green leaves forming a dense hedge up to 3m high. Grown in troughs or bags that measure 50cm-1 metre in length and carefully clipped during the growing season. Escallonia shrubs grow relatively fast and have both attractive foliage and lovely flowers. Home  Advice Hedging Species Guides Escallonia Hedging Guide. ... Large items may incur a higher delivery charge - this will be displayed in … They have handsome, glossy leaves; foliage of some exudes a resinous fragrance. 'Fradesii' Plant Fit 1 Gallon Pot. Since escallonia is tolerant of salt spray, you can start growing an escallonia … Wait until the summer season to plant your "Pink Princess." A native to Chile, Escallonia hedge plants can handle full sun and various planting conditions meaning they’re perfect for some difficult planting areas and their ability to tolerate a wide range of planting sites mean they can even adorn your patio if grown in pots.

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