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nov. Basonym: Haemophilus paragallinarum Biberstein and White 1969 (Approved Lists 1980) Gender: neuter Type strains: ATCC 29545; CCUG 12835; CIP 103453; DSM 18554; NCTC 11296 See detailed strain information at Conduct genome-based taxonomy at Linster N, Hinz KH: [In vivo effectiveness of the sulfonamide sulfachlorpyridazine (SCP) and of the combination of sulfachlorpyridazine and trimethoprim (SCP + TMP) against Haemophilus paragallinarum]. Beinahe alle Haemophilus-Arten sind in der Lage, ohne Sauerstoff zu überleben (fakultativ anaerob); allerdings sind … ( MeSH ) A species of gram-negative bacteria in the genus HAEMOPHILUS, causing respiratory tract disease in CHICKENS known as infectious coryza. 2005 Category: Species Proposed as: comb. The bacterium H. paragallinarum is a member of the Pasteurellaceae family.39 Even that it is now recog-nized as a X-factor-independent bacterium, it is still considered as a member of the Haemophilus genus.18 In addition, since 1992 there have been reports of H. paragallinarum … AKA Porcine polyserositis, Infectious polyarthritis. Glässer’s disease - Disease in pigs caused by Haemophilus parasuis. A genus of gram-negative, pleomorphic bacteria that are facultative anaerobes and are nonmotile and non-spore-forming. Dtsch Tierarztl Wochenschr. Nie seker waarom jy hier is nie? La bacteria Haemophilus paragallinarum es el agente causal de la coriza infecciosa, enfermedad que afecta el tracto respiratorio superior de los … Haemophilus influenzae was the first of the species to be isolated and is considered the type species. Wikipedia het nog nie 'n artikel oor Haemophilus nie. AKA Thrombotic meningoencephalitis. Histophilosis - Disease in cattle caused by Histophilus somni (formerly Haemophilus somnus). Avibacterium is a Gram-negative genus from the family of Pasteurellaceae.. Avibacterium; Scientific classification; Domain: Bacteria: Phylum: Proteobacteria Jy kan help deur dit te skep.Die bladsy wat jy tans lees bevat inligting oor Haemophilus se taksonomie. 伝染性コリーザ(でんせんせいコリーザ、英: infectious coryza )とはAvibacterium(Haemophilus) paragallinarum感染を原因とするニワトリの伝染性呼吸器病。 本病の予防にはワクチンがきわめて有効であり、日本ではワクチンの普及に伴い、発症例はきわめて稀となった。 伝播経路として、病鶏との直 … Hemofilová rýma drůbeže je akutní nakažlivé bakteriální onemocnění horních cest dýchacích kura domácího, způsobované bakterií Haemophilus paragallinarum, které v důsledku komplikujících faktorů často přechází v onemocnění chronické. Haemophilus. Hemophilus paragallinarum (n.) 1. Infectious coryza - Disease in chickens caused by Haemophilus paragallinarum, 1983 May 6;90(5):170-3. Raak vertroud met outomatiese taksobokse. Name: Avibacterium paragallinarum (Biberstein and White 1969) Blackall et al. Haemophilus ist eine Gattung stäbchenförmiger gramnegativer Bakterien aus der Familie der Pasteurellaceae.Die 16 Arten dieser Bakterien sind unbewegliche Stäbchen, die mitunter in den Schleimhäuten von Menschen und Tieren leben und Erkrankungen auslösen können. V postižených hejnech způsobuje ekonomické ztráty ojedinělým úhynem, zhoršenou rentabilitou chovu a poklesem snášky.

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