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1300 per month. The U.S. minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, meaning if workers can send even a portion of their daily earnings home to family in Mexico it represents a huge sum. Located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, Mazatlan is a resort town that is located along the Pacific coast. Thanks for sharing your experiences. The longest I have stayed is 10 days, so thanks for your tips! Hi Raj, living costs in New Mexico in the USA will vary a lot depending on where you decide to live (city or rural). A single person is hard-pressed to spend more than $1,000 here on a modest budget. These all come recommended, and if you plan to move to the area they are a good base. It is known for tis stunning, uncrowded beaches and for being one of Mexico’s historic centers. Hi Shannon, Your site is great and very interesting. What are your thoughts about Acapulco compared to Oaxaca? Look forward to reading more of your posts. By Kathleen Peddicord, Contributor April 30, 2019. I dont drink or go out to eat so this is rather basic. Hi Mauricio. What people consider a great place to live can vary from one person to the next, but each of the locations on this list has many features that make them a great place to consider living. If you are considering living in this country, you will need to find the best location possible to suit your needs and offer you the type of lifestyle you desire. Thanks so much. I would research in those groups for things people have said about each town, and pose a question to the expats if there isn’t much—they will undoubtedly have some great thoughts for you! So, with that in mind, this post below outlines my my expat stints across Mexico—from a tiny beach town on the Pacific coast to the food capital of Oaxaca. It is a bustling metropolis with a large population that is best suited to those who are accustomed to urban living. As the months passed, I was so surprised by how affordable living there was that I shared a cost of living post … mostly for the readers in the A Little Adrift community who had written me over the years wondering how they could afford to live or retire abroad. The area is particularly well known for its cuisine, which is different from cuisine elsewhere in Mexico. :). I especially like Yelapa, because it is a very beautify bay within a larger protective bay (Banderas Bay). Mexico also has a very generous visa policy—six months on arrival for Americans, which helps keep total living costs low. I figure my costs are about 5000 per month. Although most expats live in the thriving town of Chapala, there are also many surrounding villages that sit on the lakeside for those who want a quitter life. Living in Mexico is ideal for budget-conscious expats, retirees, and travelers. ideal would be to have near the beach, supermarkets and some bars and restaurants. I don’t know anyone that I can put you in touch with, but this post does link to some expat groups on Facebook, and there are Mexico expat forums too — perhaps you can ask around in there and see if members of the Alamos expat community are there, ask questions, etc before you go there for an exploratory trip. I would like to go to Mexico for an exploratory trip, only in villages or small towns on the coast. It was unpretentious and affordably priced, and some ladies I met there would come down for 3-6 months at a time ( two swimming pools, underground steam room, yoga, great vegetarian food) a perfect getaway from Southern California at the time, where I taught ESL for the L.A. School District. Best of luck! Our perceptions and reality of the world are often skewed; that is true of Mexico. 2. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, co-working spaces, many bars and nightclubs, theaters, and a good number of contemporary Mexican artists and designers have found here a showcase. Why You Should Follow Patek Philippe on Instagram. There are certainly some people who live there year-round, but I also know a good number of expats tend to head back to the states to visit in June and July. As I love lush nature and palm trees on the beach and not mass tourism, would you advise me, a village or a place where I can get close to you? Thanks. I think you pay too much for rent, because you are very close to the beach. Interesting question, and not one where I will have a lot of firm ideas here as it’s a bit outside of my wheelhouse. There is lush rainforest throughout, but also amazing quiet beach towns too. Hmm, I don’t think SP is the best place for a night owl. Lots of musicians and something going on each night of the week in high season at one of the pubs/bars. I suggest that you also join some of the Mexico expat forums and ask around. Thanks for this. First off, Mexico is a big country. The various facets of living abroad are part of what makes one place appeal to some expats while others prefer something vastly different. Hi Shannon, with the tap water being what it is in Mexico, did showering cause any problems with skin or hair ? I think the town that I stayed in would be ideal for you. So glad you found it useful! For a midrange hotel in Puerto Vallarta, look at Hotel Mercurio. One of the high points of Mexico, a clear advantage over living in Asia, is the visa situation. I’m sure prices have increased since then, but I think it should be quite doable. For an idea of costs, I recommend that you look up rents for apartments or houses using a site like Zillow ( We have considered the Yucatán as a possible next stop. Compared to Thailand, Spanish is easier to learn, and in general, as I noted, I favor Mexico from a cultural point of view as a place to live — as a Westerner the culture aligns more easily and I found it more comfortable on that level. The small towns are economical, but most are very primitive in infrastructure and with limited activities, but you are appreciated more in those places. I dont have to live exactly on the beach but living close to one would be ideal. If you find cheaper locations, apartments cost around $80 to $100 per month. It can be very cool in Dec/Jan, but it does get humid and warm by July! :). Less heavy with expats than any other surrounding town. Morelia is gradually becoming a more popular expat destination now that the secret is out about the city’s beauty and the high standard of living. I would fit right in working in a tourist-type facility, which would be ideal. My costs are moderate and honest. Merida is regarded as one of the safest places to live in Mexico as it has low rates of both property crimes and violent crimes. If you are looking for the other coast, the Gulf and the Caribbean, then the Yucatan Peninsula is a good choice. Taxis are going to run you a fair bit more. I’ve heard it is pro rated mad at some point jumps way high. Cost of living in Mexico City is 38% cheaper than in Quebec City. who left her home to travel solo around the world. – Mexico often gets a slight vote in favor because of the closer language and cultural similarities. I live in Puerto Vallarta. Family of four estimated monthly costs: $2,198 (Mex$ 44,145) Single person estimated monthly costs: $1,063 (Mex$ 21,342) Cost of living in Mexico is cheaper than in 67% of countries in Latin America (10 out of 15) Cost of living in Mexico is cheaper than in 78% of countries in the World (58 out of 74) Maybe if i needed to get a job i could get one from one of the American companies moving down there. And it’s rarely washed before it arrives into the shop, vegetable stand, etc. Mexico cost of living, internet speed, weather and other metrics as a place to work remotely for digital nomads. It’s a cinch to get the lay of the land once you arrive. Here are the 20 best places to live in Mexico. I suppose the best fit and comfort level with cost of living intertwined are huge considerations and I would appreciate your insight between the two countries? And the motivations for some of the expats for being in Thailand aren’t hugely compatible with my own lifestyle. Sharron, I so appreciated your post and the information. The location: Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, where you'll find off-the-radar coastal communities that are so cheap you might not need to work. Hope that helps generate some ideas! Did you use a law firm? Here are the 20 best places to live in Mexico. Give them time to get used to the local bacteria. Chinese Real Estate Investors Take Foothold In the U.S. Jerry Brown Travels 545,664 views. Sayulita is a perfectly lovely small town (much bigger than mine though) and it was merely 20 minutes up the road. Best regards. That being said, I chose to live on the far end of the main street very close the community center where I volunteered (and about a 10-minute walk from the beach). Sayulita might be a much better fit—it will have its own happenings, and it’s still a chill town but it’s 20 minutes closer to Puerto Vallarta where you could surely go if you craved a bit more activity occasionally! house rent, food, transportation and entertainment) as compared to other states in USA. Rent…18000 I would prefer to stay in a small apartment, a French bed, a bathroom and a living room with kitchenette, is just enough. we go to Oxxo which is like a 711. Does any one tell me about staying in new mexico state in view of following points? For that reason, I recommend that you look to the Yucatan — it has some incredible beaches, and jungles in the center with Mayan ruins… truly an abundance of opportunity and I love the region so much that I took my nephews there on a three-week road-trip (I wrote up a guide to what we did here and a photo journey of it here). Your blog is FANTASTIC ! Luckily, there are still some cities in New Mexico that qualify as affordable. I just got done reading your article on living in Mexico. And one town over, in Sayulita (which is bigger and more touristy has a great beach, a lot more food, bars, etc), the apartment prices are actually pretty comparable—ideal if you like the idea of Mexico but think my town was a bit too small! I own a condo in Vallarta, and have for years, my plan is to move there before I’m too old. Many farmers and people on the outskirts of the city own horses, and you could surely find a way to stable a horse with a local family if your house/apartment wasn’t ideal. I found my monthly expenses were about $650 US: $230 US to rent a furnished apartment, maybe another $70 for monthly utilities and internet. The language barrier really depends on where you move. It is a safe place to live that offers a good standard of living. New Mexico offers cheap living among breathtaking views. If you are hoping to buy and keep a horse, I can’t imagine you having much of an issue with that, especially in the smaller cities where there are many farms and such just outside the city. We eat out when we go shopping about once per week. Great column. Just curious about air conditioning…do you use it? Initially I did have plans to basically start in Sayulita and then make my way to Mexico City. … It’s very shallow and light on the waves in parts since it’s an inlet. Long story short, that post went viral and a million visitors have read about the $500 baseline costs to live in Thailand. The sterile water just won’t kill the range of bacteria that could be present. Thanks a great point James, there is a completely different vibe once you get to Mexico. The architecture in this city is stunning, and there is a low cost of living. Some places are quieter spots with fewer expats and tourists, others offer vibrant and active communities of expats at every age range (not sure what type of community you are after. Best of luck. I am perpetually amazed on how people can live on 7 or 800 dollars per month. Thank you. HI, Hi Alex, it’s really a tough call, they all have internet. Is it really humid in San Pancho? If I could meet expats on my way it would be great ! It’s no secret I’m a vegetarian, so for me, a country gets bonus points for not only the accessibility of vegetarian food, but the understanding of the concept of vegetarianism. And if you keep ties to the U.S., you will spend far less on flights and visits home every year, which can add up a lot when it’s more than a grand round trip every time to you go from the U.S. to Asia. But lately I have considered skipping Sayulita and just start in Mexico City. Sayulita: Very small, beach is very crowded with surfers because the water is good for swimming, entirely walkable within the town. I know your not an expert on disability issues but id figured id ask you anyway about the accessibilty of Mexico and the places you lived while there. This is not a typical expat destination as it is quite a traditional Mexican city that is nestled in a valley in the Sierra Madre mountain range. It lies by the Caribbean Sea around two hours south of Cancun, and it has undergone some major developments to fulfill the demand for housing in this interesting town. [Read: 8 Reasons Mexico is America's Favorite Place to Retire Abroad.] I make a small commission on purchases you make through a select few product links—this keeps ALA ad-free and never affects my recommendations. While there are certainly dangerous places in Mexico, the country is huge. It’s close to the U.S., the food is both terrific and familiar, and it’s fairly easy to make the move. I enjoy being in a resort setting having lots of nice people around and I know a lot of people in P.V.. Maybe in 6 mos. I have traveled extensively throughout Mexico and find it a wonderful country – the more one learns the more fun one has, for certain!!! Expats, retirees, and digital nomads often love living in Mexico because of proximity to t… San Pancho does not have that gradual shallow part and has strong waves and undercurrents—you would want to be a strong swimmer in SP if you planned to be in the water regularly. Yucatan: Hugely popular with expats (and spring breakers), a bit pricier than the west coast, gorgeous beaches and diving. My other thought is that Costa Rica would surely make for an excellent first-time experience. Note that when you move to Mexico, you will still have costs in the place you left, I.e. 7 of the Best Cities in Spain for Your Retirement Read More . Little … This is the story of a Florida girl (that's me!) Huatulco has several beautiful bays and is a very pleasant resort that’s never overcrowded. In response to numerous emails asking about the differences between the handful of towns north of Puerto Vallarta, here’s Cliff’s Notes summary of the differences in case you’re sussing out which is better for you. Locals though are obsessed with turning out lights and lowering the electric bill. Thank you for your insight and always the best to you, Shannon! Consider floating this question in some of the Facebook groups linked in the post as they might have other ideas. What's the cheapest place to live in Texas? Did you factor in health insurance? As Charlie said, there are many fairly inexpensive places to live in Mexico that are very safe. Right now, the peso is roughly 19 or 20 pesos to 1 US dollar. Do you also have some IMSS or SP in Mexico? Mazatlán is one of the country’s oldest international resort towns and is arguably Mexico’s most affordable beach resort town. This town dates back more than a thousand years, and many who live there say they can still feel the ancient Mayan roots. Even if you don’t find expats owning horses, many will have insight about if there are stables in their town/city. Travel., :). My income is fixed and I am at the upper level of poverty. It is already a popular place for expats to live, and Europeans and North Americans alike vacation in this area. Mexico’s good on both fronts, though not always great.

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