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Under Baldwin the company hoped to diversify Whitcomb and market it to the broader railroad industry as well. The newest engine to date, is a replica of a Baldwin S-12 locomotive. If you are researching active or abandoned corridors you might want to check out the United States Geological Survey's (USGS) Historical Topographic Map Explorer. workshop. Whitcomb replaced George D. Whitcomb as General Manager in 1907, and after George senior’s death in 1914 he took over the Whitcomb Locomotive Works 80DE5 6657, built 1943. It is a must visit! Illinois Railway Museum 12GM - 1925 J.H. > California State Railroad Museum Library and Archives, ∞ https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/c83f4vrn/, Contact California State Railroad Museum Library and Archives. Dallas Union Terminal Company. In December 4, 1950, Baldwin Locomotive Works bought the Lima-Hamilton Company and became the Baldwin – Lima – Hamilton Corporation. Interestingly, Whitcomb remained a fairly popular builder of small diesel switchers through the late 1940s that led to further expansion of its Rochelle plant. All requests for permission to publish or quote from Steve _____ Given their tiny stature most of its models Its construction number, 40754, is from the Whitcomb series of numbers for mechcanical and hydraulic transmission locomotives. interest in the George D. Whitcomb Company. WWII again produced heavy government demand for their locomotives, and the size of the plant was doubled in 1942. BROWNING Locomotive Cranes (1900-1974) # Type Date Orig. The designations behind these numbers were as follows; the first two digits referred to the weight, the second two letters listed the engine/drive combination (DM = Diesel Mechanical, DE = Diesel Electric, and GM = Gas Mechanical), and the last two for the design number (if a variant existed it was given subletting such as 25-DM-42A). As a All photos and videos, copyright individual owners/organizations. Roger Puta photo. The TNVR also had a small Whitcomb in the 1940s. Army Whitcomb locomotive in round house. Return to Q Roster CB&Q Diesel Locomotives By Number. mining equipment and then later small, gasoline-powered locomotives for It was designed for logging railroads where the tracks are often temporary and always in bad condition, with sharp curves and steep grades. The Pacific Beach and Summit's equipment roster. Whitcomb became a division of Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1940. Its first gas-electric locomotive was manufactured in 1928. 27. I will have to get a copy. OHIO LOCOMOTIVE CRANE COMPANY (25-Ton Capacity C/N MODEL DRIVE SHIPPED with 50-65' Boom Baldwin reorganized it as the Whitcomb Locomotive Company and operated it under that name until 1940. 4113 25t Diesel 1952 US Air Force #M6560 > US Navy Midwest City, OK > Lazorv Supply Sales Memphis, TN; One photo shows the LC numbered M6560 and the car to be 4113. WebWork by rinity echnology Co. AMDG. around the world with a variety of configurations for moving cars within factory environments. "The Whitcomb Locomotive Works were located at Rochelle, IL. ... 25T Whitcomb Locomotive: The #1 at PB&S RR. The locomotive is powered by two Caterpillar D17000 diesel engines rated at 180 horsepower each. The George D. Whitcomb Company was incorporated by George D. Whitcomb on May 6, 1896 in Illinois. The George D. Whitcomb Company was incorporated by George D. Whitcomb … Whitcomb construction facilities moved from Rochelle, Illinois to Eddystone, Pennsylvania. EMD NW3 roster; Apache Railway. Locomotives Into the Modern Age, Diesel Technology. Starting in 1934 the Baldwin Locomotive Works took over the sales, repair, and renewal parts business from the Whitcomb Company. In 1998 a gentleman by the name of Andre Kristopans put together a web page highlighting virtually every unit every out-shopped by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division. Jul 24, 2020 - Explore RAH's board "Whitcomb Locos" on Pinterest. D. Whitcomb Co. and the start/end of the Baldwin era but it I hope it gives me year by year production and engines used. No photographic evidence has survived. This terminal line serves local port facilities and is now known as the Morehead & South Fork Railroad. For a bit more reading about the history of Whitcomb please click here. electric storage battery locomotive. A final move occurred in 1912 to an even larger plant, also in Rochelle, which would serve as the company's base of operations for the next 40 years. Major changes for the manufacturer occurred in 1929 when it was acquired by the Baldwin Locomotive Works, and two years later in 1931 was renamed as the Whitcomb Locomotive Works, a subsidiary of its parent. Interestingly, Westinghouse control came just as Baldwin management was more focused and interested in strongly competing against Alco and EMD in the diesel-electric market. Amazingly, Baldwin essentially sold its subsidiary as its primary manufacturer of diesel locomotives through the late 1930s which caused it to lose significant market share. mine located in central Illinois and the locomotives became quite Only three other Whitcomb locomotives are known to have been used in Australia: 11734 of 1924 (3-ft or 914mm gauge) used at David Mitchell Estate in Lilydale, and 61108 and 61109 (5-ft 3-in or 1600mm gauge) used at APM Maryvale. Another unnumbered locomotive at IEL&P was a 25 Ton General Electric built in November 1944, #27810. as Tama & Toledo 2 until 1954. This collection is open for research at our off-site storage facility. self-made inventor Whitcomb realized the market potential and began manufacturing Whitcomb lost control of the company to Baldwin Locomotive Works. Retired 1962, Donated 1963. The diesel-electric locomotive remains the primary power plant for railroads in … [21] Rebuilt units, offically designated by the militray as RS-4-TC-1A [21], have a Caterpillar 3508, turbocharged V8, 500hp diesel engine. It was sold as IEL&P until 1954. Union Pacific Railroad Company. The decade also saw the builder releasing the largest and most power models it ever constructed such as the center cab 65-DE-14 (and "A" and "B" variants) around World War II. The Army Whitcomb is No. You will be hard pressed at finding a better online resource regarding diesel locomotives than Craig Rutherford's TheDieselShop.us. Warren Calloway photo. Whitcomb 40521 is the only preserved Whitcomb locomotive in … Whitcomb 45-DE-27 in service with the US Navy at end of war. Whitcomb became a division of Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1940. Someone has published a roster of all the Whitcomb locomotives ever built so it says. The Whitcomb Locomotive Works were located at Rochelle, IL. This unnumbered 22-1/2 Ton CRI-6 was built by Whitcomb in July 1929, #12897, as Tama & Toledo RR 1. Baxter #6-C W.A. Please contact Library staff one month in advance 1-999 7/1/20. Alco S6 roster; Asbestos & Danville. In the late 19th century the only way for coal mines to move These are the military models put out by Baldwin/Whitcomb Defence General Supply Center August 6, 1981 Richmond, VA built 3/1954 c/n 61234 ex US Army 4004 had been used in Germany. Sold 1956 to Canadian Gypsum Co. No. If you are researching anything EMD related please visit this page first. However, in 1948, its parent Baldwin came under the control of Westinghouse Electric Company and in 1951 it merged with the Lima-Hamilton Corporation to form Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation (BLH). Their small wheels make Shays slow but since every wheel is driven, they are able to pull heavy loads for their size. Dozens were built for service oversees during World War II. The Shay geared locomotive was invented by Ephraim Shay, a Michigan lumberman, and patented in 1881. EMD SW1 roster; Anaconda Aluminum. 3. The Online Archive of California is an initiative of the California Digital Library. The Whitcomb Locomotive Works started out in the early 1890s, created by Rayonier 2-6-6-2T 110. 1000-1999 11/2/20. 1892 and moved to an independent facility in Chicago. Today, you can still find several examples of its models preserved around the country. Sumpter Valley Railroad Equipment Roster STEAM LOCOMOTIVES ALCO Mikado, Sumpter Valley Ry .

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