forest gnome druid backstory

A gnomes energy and enthusiasm for living shines through every inch of his or her tiny body. [8], Forest gnomes only rarely become adventurers, usually due to some kind of threat to their home or other need that requires them to leave their reclusive hovels. One of my backup characters is a water genasi druid that was a water systems analyst for the capital city before being roped into the whole 'adventuring' thing. [7] Forest gnomes also forge a wide variety of tools but have a notable taboo on axes, due to their common use in woodcutting by other races. The Druid has left the forest with the seeds of a new one, and is looking for a suitable place to begin planting. The forest gnome automatically gets natural illusion (minor illusion) but I reeeeally want druidcraft. (Perhaps the rest of humanity is prejudiced against them and she has to prove them wrong in order to enlist their help). They love to learn by personal experience, and are always trying new ways to build things. Druids have long been a class reliant on their great concentration spells, so Revivify and Cone of Cold are welcome new options. They can live 350 to almost 500 years. They are also the most connected with the Fey and so could be played as somewhat otherworldly. Forest gnomes are among the least commonly seen gnomes on Toril, far shier than even their deep gnome cousins. [9], Although forest gnomes are a shy and reclusive people they are not particularly resentful or untrusting of outsiders. So I have a loose idea of a backstory, enough to get me started in a new campaign, but I need help getting details together that would make sense. So in my weekly friday game, I have a forest gnome durid (FGD for the sale of the story), with a little squirrel as animal partner (pre-Tasha and all) from her backstory as well as tabaxi bard, who has a raven as a connection to a raven, but far less than a always present animal companion. Forest Gnomes. Temperate[2] Forest Gnome: Forest Gnomes have a great ability for stealth and deception which are generally secretive. Among these are gemcutting and jewelry-making, which forest gnomes, unlike the similarly primitive wild elves, have a deep fondness for. Deep Gnome [ +1 Dex] DEX is great, and you can get advantage on a lot of saves and Stealth. When forest gnomes are forced to deal with outsiders, they often delegate illusionists, who will conjure an image of the intruders' own race as a form of communication that distances the gnomes from their potential attackers. (I really love character flaws - i think it allows for the most role play possibilities). Average height [7], Because of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle forest gnomes neither keep livestock nor pets. Because of their historical conflict with those races, forest gnomes often have defensive training against kobolds, orcs, goblinoids, and reptilian humanoids, which serves adventurers well in their travels. Segojan Earthcaller is another popular, who venerate his teachings to treat with respect and friendship the animals of the wild. Name: Willowby Glittergab Race: Forest Gnome Class: Wizard (Divination) Background: Sage (Academy Dropout) Backstory Willowby always seemed to be lackadaisical even as a young student in the Neverwinter Academy, more interested in playing harmless pranks on students and even teachers than actual arcane study. 5e Unlike deep gnomes this comes less out of a general mistrust of outsiders and more out of an extreme sense of privacy and affinity for the natural world, combined with a general ambivalence about things that are outside of their experience.

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